About Ink

Think Ink. It's more than a tag line, it's the way we do business. A full service production company, we handle everything from catering and location scouting to styling and talent casting. No matter your scope or budget, remember Think Ink.


We help select photographers, cinematographers and talent that capture the vision of your project.


Details big and small are handled efficiently by our expertise and experience.


Big or small, we have solutions that fit your project needs.

What we do

Ink plans, directs and implements complete project solutions. We provide production, design and styling, art direction, talent casting and location scouting. Select any or all of these services needed to acheive effective and beautiful images. See what we can do for you!


Budgets, permits, vendors, catering and schedules, we'll take care of all the details.

Design and Styling

We have a flexible, hands on approach to design and styling that covers everything from studio vignettes and challenging locations to showroom and corporate design. With thoughtful prop selection, lighting and set construction, your photography will be as original as your brand.

Art Direction

Ink will bring your concepts to life, whether working as the lead or as a supporting part of a larger creative team.

Talent Casting

Ink helps you select the right talent to match your creative strategy and art direction. From holding castings to sourcing their wardrobe. Ink helps every step of the way!

Location Scout

Your location can be the most evocative component of your images. Ink has an eye for interior and exterior settings that contribute to a superior shot.


Our passion is producing powerfully effective original images for marketing and editorial applications. Please take a second to view our portfolio. Imagery and Video

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